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by Olisher 

Art by Olisher

What is Art?

Art is also a right of a human being to co-create with the universe. Art and culture make us human. Without art and culture, we are animals. 

It is my joy to channel my knowledge, energy and resources into various projects that fuel my soul and the soul of society. My heart beats for projects that open human arts because art is universal. Art has no language. It has a universal understanding.

 Over the years, I've been participating in, crating and supporting various projects. Please see below links to curated and dedicated projects that I participated in.

Feel free to contact me may you need more information on projects & with offers to collaborate

2022- Current 

MOZART Her Story 

The New Musical 

In 2022 Olisher has embarked on a musical production journey on a special invitation from Timeless Stage & Screen's CEO, and a NEECP and Ovation award-recipient, film producer Tigan Summer.  
Olisher is a Producering Investor in an ongoing New Musical 'Mozart Her Story'. The musical has recently debuted in Carnegie Hall, New York. 
Theatre Experts and Passionaries call it 'The New Hamilton'  and in 2023 it is expected to take New York and London by storm. 

More information

Tegan Summers / Musical Bio / Broadway World Press 


2010 - current 

Antique Books & Antiquery  

Antiquery and books are still the best way to invest in art. Olisher is responsible for compiling World's private, most extensive antiquary and book collection Titles of the collection have been featured in exhibitions Globally since 2010. 

2019 - 2021

Project 'Snake Cuff' in collaboration with Jacqui Larsson Fine Jewellery


Olisher was a driver and a muse for the creation of the Bejewelled Snake Ear Clip by Jacqui Larsson Fine Jewellery. 

Olisher about Soleja 

Full Video Here 

Press Release featured in Jeweller Magazine - spring 2021  Read Here 

Read the full story. 


September 2019-2020 January 

Christy's Hats 


L1030305 OLESYA.jpg

A “cigar” photograph of Olisher goes Christy’s Hats Instagram page. The concept of the image is that despite living with hearing loss – Ole is vibrant and modern woman wearing a hat, bright clothes and enjoying her life. even smokes a cigar now and then.

A photoshoot for the concept #WomenOfStJames – challenging gender equality in the heart of London’s iconic gentlemen’s Jermyn street. Collaboration with Davidoff of London, Christys Hats, Francos and other.

Check out #WomenofStJames via Instagram.

2019 August  


Soleja is alive, receives its name later in November with the help of public, using social media accounts.

Check out Olisher's Social Activism page for more on this journey.



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