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Transforming Dreams into Business 

Drams into Business

Olisher Earle


Human being has a right to dream.

A dream infused with knowledge becomes a plan. A plan supervised by the person who has walked the path becomes a reality. Coaching is a modern way of combining psychology, knowledge, wisdom, human support and personal time invested. 

Business does not have to be a word to fear or a word that is associated with privilege. Everybody and anybody can do business. I offer a personalised programme for you to make your dreams your business. 

Business is the art of combining knowledge with plans. 

I offer unparalleled support, personal dedication, and a unique hybrid of 20 years + of experience supporting and producing various successful businesses. All of them are like you. It all started just like you. It was just a dream...

About Olisher

bout Olisher Earle 

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Olisher Earle is an international philanthropist, investor, and businesswoman with over 15 years of experience working with UHNWI. She is an expert in acquiring high-end resources, including properties, private mega-yachts, exclusive luxury travel and private collections of the world's most sought-after assets.

In addition, Earle oversees the Chairman's private office of Indorama Group. Indorama Group is the world's largest Polyester producer, West Africa's largest Polyolefins producer, and a global Spun Yarn producer which operates over seventy manufacturing sites in over thirty countries and employs over thirty thousand worldwide.

Olisher runs her own UK company, Impper Ltd, which was created to serve VIP clients' needs in Europe and worldwide. Earle obtained a First class BSc degree in Business Management and IT.

She is based in London, and her second home is in the Ticino canton of Switzerland, where she runs a family wine business. In 2019, she founded Activistess - a charitable organization with a mission to create awareness about the importance of hearing health.

Olisher is passionate about art, design and jewellery. She aims to create a unique place where, through art, the sound becomes visible to all.

Olisher has rapidly become an influencer in creative activism, striving to confront the stigmas of disabilities.

Earle is a graduate of Yale University and is a certified life coach. 

Projects & Testimonials

Professional Projects     


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Olisher Earle runs variety of projects for Arts and Social Awarness. The full list of projects, TV and social media appearances are listed on the dedicated pages.


Olisher's professional passions for over 15 years are

Yahts & Transforming Dreams into Business.  

2004 - Current 

Forbes Luxury Yaht Management 

2020 May

International Women Networking Forum 

2019 February 


Olisher's professional background is in Seaferring. 
She has been yachting as a purser captain's assistant in her early career days. Since the beginning of times, humans have treated the sea as the ultimate luxury rest. Yachting still is the most expensive form of leisure. 
In terms of assets, buying a yacht is one of the most expensive assets that humans can possess. By learning to manage luxury vessels, Olisher has developed a skill to understand and manage big numbers, team building, leadership and cultures. 

Olisher has appeared as a guest Speaker at International Women Networking Forum –was held as a live online broadcast, bringing together participants and speakers from around the globe . Olisher talked about Personal Finances and how to be a woman with big money.

#Activistess is born

“Olisher's approach is multi-disciplinary. She has a unique way, approach to motivation. It is an honour to work with her on my dreams. ”

Alexandra Wang, London


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''It is a Unique System of Personal Coaching.

My clients are in top 100 successful families in the world.''

I take limited number of clients per month and I work individually with each one to achieve their goals. My success as a coach and business adviser is unparalleled, thus I don't advertise.

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